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Mooon Cafe 2nd Floor Abreeza

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rumah Kari Davao

If you want to try out some unusual recipes, Rumah Kari Davao is the place to be. If you think you have tried the finest Indian and Malaysian cuisine in Davao city and believe you have tasted it all, better think again! Rumah Kari Davao is just a few meters away from Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop (Click Here). It's just in front of J Palermo's Diner (Click Here) and Caitlyn's Dimsum and Specialty House (Click Here).
Rumah Kari Davao is a small place that has non air-conditioned and air conditioned areas. The air-conditioned area has four small tables that are good for 3-4 persons and a bigger table in the middle that’s suitable for 4 people. You can find Indian themed wall hangings, some paintings and photos. The place itself makes you feel like you are in India. Yes, you can smell the scent of aromatic spices.
The owner was very accommodating. She personally took our orders. Since we’re all first-time visitors, she recommended Malaysian Food because she said that the taste of Indian Cuisine might overwhelm us.

As Malaysian cuisine is known for its seafood, I ordered Shrimp Sambal. My companion ordered Chicken Rendang, their best seller. Both dishes are full of flavor. They are delicious and have distinctive taste. The Shrimp Sambal is quite spicy but very yummy. That being said, Rumah Kari Davao is perfect for your cravings for spicy food.
Rumah Kari Davao, the house of Malaysian and Indian cuisine is a must visit for adventurous food lovers. There are a lot of unique tasting dishes you don't want to miss. You will surely appreciate a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience.
TIP: Indian cuisine has always been famed for its hot and spicy food. Better tell the waiter to adjust the spiciness of the meal to your individual taste.

Overall Verdict: Our experience was satisfying. We will certainly come back for another feast.

Contact Details: 
Address: Mount Olive Trading, Marfori heights, Davao City 
Tel. No: 301 8412 
E-mail: rumahkari@yahoo.com 
Davao And Beyond Ratings for Rumah Kari Davao: ★★★★ 
Food: ★★★★ (Rich in Flavor)  
Service: ★★★★ (Smooth and Fast) 
Cost: ★★★★ (The price is worth it) 
Atmosphere: ★★★ (Love the Interior, but Expect The Smell of Indian Herbs and Spices) 
Disclaimer: Ratings are based strictly on our own experiences. Feel free to share your own experience and ratings.

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