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Mooon Cafe 2nd Floor Abreeza

Mooon Cafe 2nd Floor Abreeza

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yakimix Davao

Yakimix Abreeza Davao
Yakimix Davao opened its doors last October 06, 2013. It is conveniently located at the 2nd floor of Ayala Abreeza Mall.
Yakimix is a well-known restaurant chain with several branches in Manila. It offers unlimited International buffet with the finest deals and dishes ranging from Japanese, Chinese to Korean.
If you love sushi, dim sum and kimchi, this is the place to be. Yakimix is recommended for eat-all-you-can enthusiasts. The price is just right. You can enjoy a luxury buffet experience at a reasonable price.
Upon entering, you will be welcomed by their courteous staff. Their waiters are very accommodating and easy to deal with. Yakimix Davao offers elegantly themed decors. Their round crystal ornaments, probably their trademark, looks very lavish and classy. Since they offer Korean cuisine, you also have the option to grill on the spot. They have tables with built in grillers, an advantage that you cannot find on other buffet restaurants.
If you are just around Abreeza Mall and you want to grab a quick yet hearty lunch or dinner, you might consider dropping by this food place, or consider Ranch and Reef (Click Here).
Tip: Book ahead of time especially during weekends.
Overall Verdict: Yakimix Davao is sensibly priced. It is not the biggest or the best in Davao but it is a food place that you can always come back to. Yakimix Davao is not that expensive considering the food and ambiance.
Yakimix Rate Per Head:
Eat & Drink All You Can (Lunch) – P488
Eat All You Can (Dinner) – P588
Weekends & Holidays:
Eat All You Can – P588
Eat All You Can (Kids below 3ft) FREE
Eat All You Can (Kids below 4ft) P380
All Prices are NET (Inclusive of VAT and NO SERVICE CHARGE)

NO LEFTOVER/TAKEOUT for Eat or Drink All You Can, otherwise Left Over Price P799
Contact Details:
Address: 2nd floor, Abreeza Mall, JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City
Tel. No: (082)285-3333 (082)321-2333
Davao And Beyond Ratings for Yakimix Davao: ★★★★
Food: ★★★★ (Grill-All-You-Can)
Service: ★★★★ (Very Accommodating)
Cost: ★★★ (Quite Expensive Compared to Other Buffet Restaurants)
Atmosphere: ★★★★ (Very Elegant)
Disclaimer: Ratings are based strictly on our own experiences. Feel free to share your own experience and ratings.

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