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Friday, October 31, 2014

Caitlyn’s Dimsum and Specialty House Davao

We we’re looking for a new place to dine. Fortunately, we came across Caitlyn’s Dimsum and Specialty House Davao. This little gem is centrally located in the heart of the city. It’s along Circumferential Road, right in front of Sea Green Café and Lifestyle Shop (Click Here) and Rumah Kari (Click Here). It's just beside J Palermo's Diner (Click Here). It’s a simple, down-to-earth specialty house that offers Chinese cuisine.
Caitlyn’s Dimsum and Specialty House Davao's Menu:
The menu is dominated by a variety of wonton noodles and a selection of to-die-for Dim sums. They also have beef, chicken, and pork. You have an array of customary and savory Cantonese dishes to choose from.
We ordered Xiao Long Bao (8 pieces for P170) and Hakao (6 pieces for P105). They served us with freshly made dim sum, which were stored in wooden steam boxes. I love it when restaurants serve warm food.
If you’re not a big eater, prepare to share. The serving is huge! We're accustomed to 3-4 pieces dim sum per serving, thus, having 6-8 pieces for the same price is a super affordable deal. Value for money indeed!
Xiao Long Bao
The pork Xiao Long Bao was really good. The wrapping was flavorful and it was liberally packed with pork and spices. The steamed Hakao became my instant favorite! The wrap was generously stuffed with scrumptious shrimps. The steamed white rice made a good job in cleansing our taste buds in between bites of rich and intensely flavored dim sum.
Dim sum literally means, “to touch your heart”, and Caitlyn’s Dimsum and Specialty House Davao definitely touched our hearts, and our tummies!
TIP: If you like spicy stuff, try their special chili sauce. The food tasted even better with soy sauce and chili sauce. Moreover, they have a lot of diners. Try to reserve your seats in advance.
OVERALL ERDICT: The food itself is tasty. For me, it’s one of the best and affordable casual restaurants that serve Cantonese dishes. It’s a place that you can always come back to, just like Dimsum Diner and Mandarin Tea Garden, but it’s way cheaper and tastier.
Contact Details:
Address: #86 Circumferential Road, Marfori, Davao City
Contact Number: 0933 114 6655
Davao And Beyond Ratings for Caitlyn’s Dimsum and Specialty House Davao: ★★★★★
Food: ★★★★★ (Flavorful, Generous Serving)
Service: ★★★★★ (Fast service despite being busy)
Cost: ★★★★★ (Big serving. You get more than what you pay for.)
Atmosphere: ★★★★★ (Small yet very organized)
Disclaimer: Ratings are based strictly on our own experiences. Feel free to share your own experience and ratings.

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