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Saturday, October 18, 2014

People We Love: Sean Go

For the finer things in life, you need a sensei that will inspire you to look your best. The art of dressing up, especially for guys, is no exemption.
Thus, we also have our own male style icon and he’s was born and raised in Davao! Meet Sean Go. He’s a Social Entrepreneur, a Manila-Based Style Consultant, and a Soon-to-Be Restaurateur.
He’s making a name in the world of Philippine fashion. He has close ties with renowned Filipino designers like Michael Cinco, Rajo Laurel, Cary Santiago, Rhett Eala, Joey Samson and Jerome Lorico, top stylists like Liz Uy and Kim and Boop Yap, Esquire PH Fashion Director, Raymond Gutierrez, style icons including Laureen Uy and Camille Co, famous and fashionable celebs and models like Georgina Wilson. Nevertheless, Sean keeps his feet on the ground. He’s very sweet and approachable. We totally adore his humility.
Aside from his good looks and charm, he has a keen eye for style. He dresses flawlessly and his fashion flair is always fresh. We love him because he doesn’t go overboard.
On an ordinary day, he sticks with simple set of staples: well fitting top, shorts, and classic shoes. Nonetheless, he knows how to pull off a clean and classic style. During special occasions, he knows how to dress like a gentleman with his timeless and sleek style.
Lastly, he travels in style! He wears clothing that’s comfortable and stylish at the same time. You’ll surely have an inspiration for your next vacation.
We were fortunate enough to get a little bit of time with Sean Go; here are a few questions we asked him:
Birthday: May 21st
University of Asia and the Pacific
University of London Central Saint Martins
Describe yourself in 3 words:
Creative, Individualistic, and Tenacious
Experimenting in the kitchen! In fact, I'm so passionate about it that I plan to open an organic restaurant very soon.
How did you enter the Philippine Fashion Industry?
Admittedly, through very good connections. In college, my best friend's older sister (who is a celebrity stylist and fashion editor) asked me to intern for her. That sparked my inclination towards styling. Then shortly after graduation, I was introduced by some friends to the Creative Director of a major fashion brand. I worked with him on all their ad campaigns for about six months until the company finally gave me my own projects. Now, I see my work on billboards and magazines.
Name 3 people you admire, and why?
Tom Ford - He's brilliant!

A tie between Kenneth Cobonpue and Rafé Totengco - They're both chinoys who grew up in their respective provinces (Cebu and Bacolod) and yet they've managed to make a very good name for themselves in the international scene. I'd like to see myself as a younger version of them as I hope to someday follow in their footsteps.

My Dad - He truly is the wisest man I know.
What are your interests?
I'm an avid traveler. I love exploring new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. But who doesn't, right?
What is your favorite outfit?
White shirt with a blazer or pull-over with jeans. They're practically my go-to uniforms.
What is your favorite place to hang out?
My loft. It's where I feel most relaxed. I know my friends love hanging out there too!
What would your family or friends say about you?
That I like being in control of my life.
How does it feel to be popular?
I wouldn't call myself popular. But I would say that I have a whole lot of loving and supportive friends. That, to me, is a blessing.
Do you have bashers? How do you deal with them? What do you want to tell them?
There will always be people who won't like or agree with who you are or what you do. That's inevitable. Just keep in mind that what you say about others reflects more about you than it does about them.
What are some of the most important lessons you have learned over the course of your life?
Everything happens for a reason. It's a cliché because it holds so much truth.
Instagram: seanwgo
Twitter: seanwgo
Businesses: Adaäm & Yves Organic Bistro and Signum House
(soon to open at BGC)
In this day and age, we are becoming more and more conscious of the way we dress. I, for one, use some of my extra time to stalk people with killer style. I mean, people do it all the time, right?

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