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The Party Systers
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Mooon Cafe 2nd Floor Abreeza

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Club Echelon Davao

As what I’ve said before, The Peak has new additions to its existing restaurant lineup. Aside from Mono - Restobar and After Office (Click Here), they opened Club Echelon Davao as well. Both establishments are located at the 6th level of The Peak, Gaisano Mall.
For the younger, hyper, and party animal crowd, Club Echelon Davao is the place to be. In my opinion, the secret to a successful club is an excellent crowd, which they technically have.
Also, atmosphere is a big factor in such establishments. Club Echelon Davao may be a bit small, but the interior is superb!

We’re not really experts in rating clubs, nevertheless, we want to give you a reliable and unbiased review. Fortunately, we bumped into Kakay Sevilla, a certified partygoer. Over the years, she has been partying in a variety of Davao-based pubs, clubs, and bars. She's only 25, but she spent more than a decade partying. Thus, we asked her to help us out.
Here’s what she said: “I’ll give them four stars, but that’s already a very good start for a Davao-based bar. It would be beneficial to invite DJ’s outside Davao. The menu has a wide selection, which is a plus. The food and drinks are fairly priced. They also need more waiters for the big crowd. Lastly, the interior is excellent! Probably one of the best in Davao."
Update: Club Echelon is already inviting popular DJ's outside Davao and every event is a blast! We already updated the ratings. We're giving them 5 stars!
Every weekend, Davaoenos usually go to the same establishments. We suggest that you step out of the box and try these new forms of entertainment! Enjoy and have some after dark fun!
TIP: drunk driving is not a good idea. The parking space is pretty escalated.
OVERALL VERDICT: Club Echelon Davao is a party place that you can go to, especially if you want to have and exciting night filled good music and great crowd.
Contact Details:
Operating Hours: Friday and Saturday Night
Address: 6th Floor, The Peak, Gaisano Mall, Davao City
Contact Number: 0917 713 4063
Davao And Beyond Ratings for Club Echelon Davao: ★★★★
Food: ★★★★ (Same menu as Mono)
Service: ★★★ (Fair Service)
Cost: ★★★★ (Soundly Priced)
Atmosphere: ★★★★★ (We love the modern vibe)
Disclaimer: Ratings are based strictly on our own experiences. Feel free to share your own experience and ratings

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