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Mooon Cafe 2nd Floor Abreeza

Mooon Cafe 2nd Floor Abreeza

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

J.CO Donuts and Coffee Davao

The long wait is over. J.CO Donuts and Coffee is finally here in Davao!
A quick history: J.CO Donuts and Coffee originated in Indonesia in 2005. It started as a cafe selling donuts, coffee, and frozen yogurt. The donut chain quickly expanded and penetrated Asian Countries, including the Philippines.
Just like other branches, J.CO Donuts Davao sells colorful rings that are light, soft, airy, and fluffy. You have different varieties to choose from.
J.CO Donuts Davao's Menu:
The menu typically consists of donuts, frappes, coffee, and sandwiches. Get them for 40+ php per piece or 300+ php per dozen.
J.CO Donuts is popular because of its soft and puffy dough that’s generously stuffed with creamy and flavorful filling, and topped off with coating and toppings that are not too sweet. 
They have original honey glazed donuts, “Alcapone”, their signature donut, which is covered in white chocolate and topped with almonds, and different variations and flavors from sweet chocolates to savory cheese.
The flavors are tagged using fun and creative names like Glazzy, referring to their original honey glazed donuts, Tira Miss U, for their tiramisu, and more. Too cute!
Since the place is relatively new, Patience! Patience! Patience! Prepare for a long wait. Or just wait a few months. You know Davao's culture! A new place is equated with long lines.
J.CO Donuts Davao is fairly large, but the crowd is too big. You’re lucky if you’re able to grab a table. Enjoy your experience and try pairing your donut with J. Co coffee. It will send you to dessert heaven.
TIP: Here’s a list of some of their best sellers: Green Tea, Tiramisu, Strawberry, Berry, Alcapone, and Their Variety of Chocolates
OVERALL VERDICT: The donuts are tasty, fluffy, and will melt in your mouth like cotton candy.
Contact Details:
Address: Ground Floor, Abreeza, Ayala Mall, Davao City
Davao And Beyond Ratings for J.CO Donuts Abreeza Davao: ★★★
Food: ★★★★ (Soft, Sweet, and Scrumptious)
Service: ★★ (Quite slow because there are too many customers)
Cost: ★★★ (Fair Enough)
Atmosphere: ★★★ (Too Crowded as of now)
(Right now, the place is too crowded and the service is quite slow. To be fair, we will update the ratings in the future.)
Disclaimer: Ratings are based strictly on our own experiences. Feel free to share your own experience and ratings.

1 comment:

  1. Good review about JCO donuts. I also write about donuts in Davao that I concluded that JCO is also the best donuts so far.
    If you have time to read my review and opinion, visit my blog and my post.


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