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Friday, December 12, 2014

Burger Chef Davao

Chicken Hunter Burger
A few years ago, burgers are only a part of a restaurant’s menu. We only buy burgers from fast food chains and small burger stands. Today, Sit-down eateries with burger recipes are getting popular in the metro. We are bestowed with an array of choices and there are those that stood out as tasty burger joints like Harley’s, Gino’s Burger, Hollywood Burger, Backyard Burgers, and Red Corner CafĂ©.
Burger Chef Davao is a new addition to the tasty burger roster. It’s the newest restaurant to open in Plaza del Carmen. Just like Bon Appetit La Boutique (Click Here), Burger Chef operates under the creative eyes of Yves and Rosalie Monestier. Even if you are dining in Bon Appetit La Boutique, you can still order food from Burger Chef.
Burger Chef Davao allows you to chow down on delicious, yet affordable gourmet burgers. You’ll enjoy bonding with your family, friends, or co-workers, over tasty burgers. Don’t hesitate to bring your children. They offer kid’s set menu.
Burger Chef Davao’s Menu:
Their slogan states that they serve gourmet burgers created by a chef. Thus, you are assured of scrumptious and high quality meats and ingredients. So tempting!
They serve 100% premium beef. If you want to try something else, you can go for lamb, chicken, or malasuguie. If you are health conscious, they have a veggie burger just for you. The patties are thick and they’re cooked according to your preference. You can have them well done, medium rare, or rare. You also have so many add-ons to choose from. Burger Chef Davao has an array of options that will fit your budget.
If you still want something else, or if you want to exercise your creativity, you can also try their create-your-own-burger! You can own a personalized burger in 5 easy steps!
Burger Chef Davao is probably the only burger place that caters to a wide variety in exchange for little money. They can cater to children, to vegetarians, to your no pork diet, and to your budget!
TIP: If you just want the regular burger, you can opt for the set menu. it’s cheaper, and it already comes with fries and ice tea.
OVERALL VERDICT: We’ve tried so many burger places in Davao, and Burger Chef is on top of our list.
Contact Details:
Address: Plaza del Carmen, Loyola Street, Obrero, Davao City
Contact Number: (082) 321-2574
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/burger.chef.davao
Davao And Beyond Ratings for Burger Chef Davao: ★★★★★
Food: ★★★★★ (Succulent Meats)
Service: ★★★★★ (Very Accommodating)
Cost: ★★★★ (Reasonably Priced)
Atmosphere: ★★★★ (Cute, Colorful, and Clean)
Disclaimer: Ratings are based strictly on our own experiences. Feel free to share your own experience and ratings.

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