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The Party Systers
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Tirol - Banzali Nuptials; Best Friends, Turned Lovers, Turned Husband and Wife

They say that there’s a simple recipe for a happier marriage, and it’s one that has been around all along. Research shows that love combined with friendship makes a great partnership.
Marrying your best friend is quite advantageous. Having your best friend as your partner is like having someone that you would want to share things with - from senseless daily experiences, to deep and meaningful goals and aspirations.
It’s a blessing to marry the person you have fun with. You’ll have a partner in crime – for life. It’s like marrying someone who knows you better than you know yourself. And life will get better all around. Whenever something happens, good or bad, your best friend/partner will make your life better.
So this is a story of Best Friends, Turned Lovers, Turned Husband and Wife…
A lot of people can relate to this love story. There are those who are secretly in love with their best friend – wishing they would get married someday. And there are those who went from best friends to lovers.
Meet the Bride, Amethyst Sy Tirol. Amethyst is actively managing Sy Bee Tin, which is their family business. She’s the owner and proprietor of 7 tea. And she’s also the niece of Lito Sy, the famous photographer. Amethyst, otherwise known as Titz/Shobe, is a typical Chinese girl. She’s hardworking and she’s very thrifty. She’s a strong believer of Christ, and an active member of Victory Davao. Being the only girl among five siblings, she grew up being quite boyish. By the time she reached her teens, she blossomed into a beautiful and sophisticated young lady.
Best Friends
In 2006, when Titz was in First Year College, she met Bryner Arguelles Banzali. He came from a small family, thus, Bryner and his sister are well provided by their parents. Bryner is quite the opposite of Amethyst. He’s quite mischievous, fun and funny. As they say, opposites attract. They immediately became best friends. Bryner has his own car and he would drive extra mile to fetch Amethyst and take her to places. After graduating college, Bryner went abroad to pursue his dreams and ambitions. They lost communication; they had grown apart, and lived quite separate lives.
Best Friends, Turned Lovers
In 2012, they started communicating again. Last November 2012, Bryner decided to court her. In 2013, they became a couple. A few months after being together, Bryner proposed. Even if they've only been together for a few months, Bryner already knows that Amethyst is the person he wants to be with at the end of the day and until the end of his days.
Best Friends, Turned Lovers, Turned Husband and Wife
Last November 2014, they decided to tie the knot. With salmon pink motif, shabby chic details, and vintage vibe, the wedding is certified chic, classic, and downright fab!
The sunny day became more romantic with a garden wedding held at The Apo View Hotel. The reception followed at the ballroom area.
The reception area had a very light and bright atmosphere. You can appreciate the elegance of the vintage theme, and you can really feel the timeless romance brought about by the pink lightings and decors.
They used #BryLovesTitz as their official hashtag - Titz, not tits. lol! The celebration started with a dance number from the bride and groom. The program proper is just right. It’s the kind of program that I appreciate. It’s not that long and dragging.
Everyone gave attention-grabbing speeches that are substantial and humorous. The games were quite naughty and funny. The guests had a very good laugh. They also had surprise greetings from the biggest and brightest stars in Philippine television – including Bea Alonzo, Sarah Geronimo, Enrique Gil, Paolo Avelino, Xian Lim, Kathryn Bernardo, Luis Manzano, and a lot more!
The wedding was indeed a joyful fête. Laughter and love overflowed from every moment. It was a night of fun and romance. It’s a kind of celebration that warms the heart, and leaves you smiling for the entire night!
Here are a few shots of the incredibly splendid celebration, as seen through the lens of John Jinky Sy and Lito Sy Photography:

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