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Friday, January 16, 2015

Kaiser Boado and Jzaenna Pantonial

We all want a fun and fulfilling relationship. And there are so many ways to have a happy and healthy partnership. Some say that fun and humor can guarantee a longer and more fulfilling relationship.
Unfortunately, that’s not always the case; not everyone can stand the test of time, and not everyone can keep their relationship flourishing.
Thus, we feel inspired seeing happy couples in long-term relationships. And that’s the reason why we really appreciate Kaiser Boado and Jzaenna Pantonial.
Kaiser Boado and Jzaenna Pantonial have chemistry and they look so good together. They're spontaneous, quirky, and very funny. This couple is also very stylish and downright fab! No wonder they were chosen among tens of thousands who trooped to the I Do auditions. The Davao-based couple were the show’s immediate standouts. They’re very entertaining and fun to watch.
Their adorable, sweet, and funny antics are just too cute! Yes, they’re very playful, and that’s the reason why the I Do council decided that they’re not yet ready tie the knot. Nevertheless, they were humble and sincere enough to own up to their mistakes. Kudos to these two!
Get to know them better and get ready for a romantic adventure. Start scrolling and get the love flowing!
Here’s Kaiser Boado and Jzaenna Pantonial's Official I Do Profile:
Kaiser and Jza-Jza have already been together for eight years but still treat each other as if they’re in the courting stage of their relationship. They have fought so hard for their relationship as they recall that Kaiser once sacrificed losing some friends just to be with Jza-Jza. All is well now for them, as most of their friends regard them as a very fun-loving couple that always makes others around them happy.
KAISER - Kaiser Boado
Kaiser lives with his mother, sister and girlfriend of eight years, Jzajza. Currently, he works as a real estate agent. He loves to write songs and even received an award for it in a song-writing competition last 2010. With his good sense of humor, there's never a dull moment with Kaiser.
JZA – JZA- Jzaenna Pantonial
Jza-Jza is a young woman who loves fashion, make-up, going out to shop and hanging out with friends. When asked about her addiction, Jza-Jza automatically answers make-up. It makes her happy and that's the reason why her free time is usually spent watching make-up tutorial videos and applying it to herself. Right now, she's working as a make-up artist for a popular cosmetic brand.

Source: http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/ido/couples/profile/kaiser-jzajza
Fortunately, we were able to get an in-depth interview with this cute couple. Here are a few questions we asked them:
Kaiser Pecision Boado
Birthday: May 01,1989

School: Ateneo de Davao University

Previous Work: Real Estate Industry

Describe yourself in 3 words: Positive, Dreamer, and Performer

Hobbies: Writing Songs, Singing, Dancing, Playing Basketball, Surfing (internet)
Name 3 people you admire, and why?
1.) Si Mother Ligaya Momose, OA mi niya ka-Love, willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of her kids, at Grabe ka Cool.

2.) My Gf's Mom (Zenaida Mayor) -Strong woman and very Hardworking. Lami pa jud kaayo muluto

3.) Angel Locsin- Sorry, Sobrang Crush ko lang po siya.
What are your interests?
Music, Movies, Tv Series, Celebrities, Clothes, Food, Travel
What is your favorite outfit?
Mid-Cut shoes, Jeans, Polo shirt or T-shirt with Jacket, nya Brush-Up Hairstyle
What is your favorite place to hang out?
Kung naay kwarta, Malls or Coffee shops. Ganahan man gud ko mag-People watching. Pero kung wala'y kwarta, Balay lang, palit ug CHEESE IT or MOBY, tanaw TV, Internet.
What would your family or friends say about you?
Vain, Funny, Lami Kauban, Kiat, Generous, Gusto Kaayo Mag-Artista. Haha
How does it feel to be popular?
Although naay mga nakaila sa amoa ex. Sa Mall, magpa-picture, fan sign, pero dili man namo ginafeel nga sikat mi oi. Sakto lang. Pero ofcourse maka-happy nga kahit paano maremember mi nila, samot nag mumention sila nga makatawa or ginakilig sila sa amo ni Jza Jza, lami sa heart.
Do you have bashers? How do you deal with them? What do you want to tell them?
So far wala pa man mi nabasa nga gi-bash ko or si jza jza. Pero if ever muabot ang time nga Naa, dili lang nako patulan instead itake nako siya positively, then gamiton nako siya para mas ma-improve pa akong sarili.
What are some of the most important lessons you have learned over the course of your reality TV show experience?
I learned na dapat dili ta mag focus lang sa today, pero mas iprioritize nato ang future.  Na dili enough ang love sa relationship, daghan pa factors na dapat iconsider, like financial. And Yup, YOLO, pero kelangan sabayan ug Maturity and dapat mas Maging Responsable.
Facebook: facebook.com/kaiser.boado

Instagram: kaiserboado

Twitter: kaiser_jzajza
Jzaenna Mayor Pantonial
Birthday: August 04, 1989

Work: FreeLance Make-Up Artist. Previous work, Beauty Expert (Make-Up Forever)

Describe yourself in 3 words: Patient, Outgoing, Kikay

Hobbies: Most of the time i'm surfing the net, watching make-up tutorial videos, reading beauty blogs, online window shopping, checking out latest make-up collections.
Name 3 people you admire, and why?
1.) Mama Ko si Zenaida Mayor, kasi Super Mom siya.

2.) Denise Ochoa, ang galing nya mag-make up, love her so much!

3.) Si Kaiser, Ideal Boyfriend

What are your interests? Music, Movies, Celebrities, Clothes, Food, Travel, make-up, skin care, and all things that could make a person beautiful.
What is your favorite outfit?
Comfy Tee, Acid wash shorts, wedge, and Lipstick
What is your favorite place to hang out?
Malls!!!!! I can stay there the whole day
What would your family or friends say about you?
Arte, kikay, Cute (height), Approachable, Friendly, Hadlok sa Init... Hahaha
How does it feel to be popular?
Dili man mi Popular... Pero if naay makaila sa akoa/amoa, maka-happy, overwhelming. Especially pag naga-chika sila nga Love mi nila, Idol "daw" mi nila, Lingaw, thankful.
Do you have bashers? How do you deal with them? What do you want to tell them?
Meron din, pero konti lang. Kasi nga 'di kami popular. Hahaha  Smile lang then Scroll down. 'Di man maka-hurt if you know na dili tinuod. Carry lang.
What are some of the most important lessons you have learned over the course of your reality TV show experience?
I realized that we're not ready yet, individually. We still need to mature. Most importantly, sa financial aspect, kelangan pa namo trabahuon na nga part. Pero kung love and laughter lang, Perfect na kaayo mi oi. Forever na. Hehe
Facebook: facebook.com/jzaenna

Instagram: jzaenna

Twitter: kaiser_jzajza
After their I Do stint, they had an array of media appearances, including Kaiser’s Singing Bee TV guesting. He was the undefeated champion for almost 3 weeks and he was able to win almost P700,000! Very deserving of this blessing!
Today, more and more people are appreciating them and following them on social media. They share anything - from funny videos to sweet moments! We just love seeing their romantic snaps, silly candids, and even intimate family moments. Plus, Kaiser’s posts are too funny!!!
Fortunately, we’re going to see more of them in the future!
Kaiser Boado and Jzaenna Pantonial's relationship reflects vitality, optimism, and euphoric kind of love.
Almost ten years together and they are stronger than ever!
Photos © Kaiser Boado and Jzaenna Pantonial's Social Media Accounts 

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  1. ido idols :) very sweet talaga ng couples na yan...met them in person super fun to be with... :)


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