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Sunday, January 11, 2015

TRENDING NOW: Make-up Trends in 2015

Yes, us girls, every year we've cleaned our closets and have thrown some useless things to our rubbish so we can have space for new goodies. For some of us, we're more hooked, not on the latest trends but on getting to know which ones are now out of fashion. We want to know the things, clothes, colors and style that we should swear never to use or wear again because they'd make us jej.
Let's start with what's hot, still hot and what's not when it comes down to looks and make-up. Okay, so last year, bold, thick and edgy brows were all the rage, right? I mean, those were the chic arches every girl had last year - well, most of us. If you're reading this and you still have those Kilay 2000 with you, well girl, break those pullers, throw them in the trash and never visit a waxing/threading salon because you just have to bring those brows growing to a bush. But there's good news for everyone, the Kilay 2015 is simpler and effortless to try. According to make-up critics and experts, 2015 will be all about subtle, medium thick, soft shade and non-edgy brows. In my own words, I'd say, the more natural-looking brows have got to be the amazeballs. It's hard to literally describe it but in the following photos, you'll see less-curved and non-arched brows on those runway models. They're almost like straight-lined and a little thick (but not as thick as 2014's) kind of brows. I like them more than the strongly edged and bold Kilay 2014. If you are like me who's been using dark shades of brown for the eyebrows, then now is the time to downgrade into a lighter shade. Since 2013, I've been wearing Mac's Matte in Espresso eye shadow for my brows with a slightly slanted eyebrow brush. The shade makes my brows look thick and bold. This year, we'd have to find a shade or two lighter.
Moving on, smokey eye make-up will still be around. I wish it will be for eternity. But then again, this year's smokey is more on brown and shades of charcoal and coffee, rather than full dark smokin' smokeys. On the other hand, heavy, winged or non-winged, and so obvious, top lid eyeliners have been on for like 4 years now. Somebody has got to put an end on those, please. Yep I have tried doing them once or twice, or maybe a lot of times but after a year, they've become so ugly to look especially when I see them jej girls looking like, yeah we did our eyes for 2 hours to look like pandas. That's when I quit drawing lines on my upper eyelids and resorted back to the as-if-I'm-wearing-no-eye-shadow make-up for a couple of years now. I still do eyeliners on nightouts, though, but less the exaggeration. Anyway, eyeliners are still in-style this year. I guess they will be forever. The trick here is to draw them on the top opening of your eyes just to emphasize and darken the corners a little like they're barely even there. For best results, try using pen eyeliner with a fine tip brush and start making thin strokes in between the upper eyelids going outwards then inwards. I like the penliners of Elf, they're cheap and very effective. It's easy for all of us masters of eyelining but you know what they say, practice makes perfect.
For the lashes, 2014 is a bit more minimalist than the previous years when everybody is paying big bucks to get their lashes extended. Some resourceful ones like me, dig out the adhesive false lashes instead. While there are also those who still achieve the main goal of having thick fan-like lashes by using volumizing mascaras and eyelash curlers. This year, anything natural-looking is in and everything faux (well not everything, actually, but those that are obviously fake) is out. 2015 lashes will look like they've been just curled and combed with some clear mascara. Of course, we all know that's not how to do it. The secret would be to curl the lashes then brush them with a clear mascara. Let the mascara dry then curl the lashes up again. Apply a great volumizing mascara that has a long and fine-fringed brush and let them stay for a few minutes before you curl them again. For the last touch, apply clear mascara. That's how I do mine, I hope it works for everyone.
Ever since I learned about contouring, I have been engrossed to it. The basics of countouring include a bronzer, a highlighter, matte contouring shades of brown, yellow undertones, and light beige, depending on skin tone. However, this year's contouring pattern involves no shimmering highlighters and bronzers. To accentuate the cheekbone, a matte light shade is the bomb. What I'm saying is that facial contouring is still hot but this time it has a little reduction. Mauve, Tangerine and Nude shades of blush are being used in the 2015 runways. I guess, we'll have to say hello again to our oranges and coffee shades of blushes, we've long kept. I used to sweep Guerlain's Terracotta bronzer under my cheekbones after the foundation and concealer (by the way, Make Up Forever has the best concealers, just so you'd know), and I used Chanel's Joues Contraste Duo Powder Blush to highlight my cheekbones below the corners of my eyes and my T-zone. I have gotten so good at it, I can even just close my eyes and still get the same contour results. Now I have to get a hold of a new contouring make-up set to use daily - one that's matte. I have to start over another pattern again. But hey, we love make-up and we never get tired of experimenting. So, bring it on!
Plum, Violet, Black, Maroon and Devilish Reds were the craze on lipsticks last year. I don't know about you but if you were stuck in Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj pink, girl, you're so 2000 and late. 2014 was the reign of dark full lips. My favorite was Clinique's Colour Surge in Red Drama. This year, let's get our Corals, Peaches, Nudes and light Plums back to our kits because baby we are bringing natural lipsies back!
That is all for now. There you have it, ladies. The photos will show you the boldness of 2014 versus the subtleness of 2015. Compare. Contrast. Follow or make your own trend. We all have choices. Our preferences will always define us.
Good luck and cheers to a new year!
Disclaimer: Photos obtained from Google
Make-up Trends in 2015
By Our Guest Blogger: Bin How Te
Twitter: Binatch
Instagram: Binatch

Bin How Te, Make-Up Junkie

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