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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What if MJ Lastimosa wore a gown made by a Filipino designer?

I know it is time to move on, but, what if MJ Lastimosa wore a gown made by a Filipino designer? Would it make a big difference?
Here's MJ's controversial national costume:
Netizens bashed Stella Araneta for choosing a gown made by Alfredo Barraza, a Colombian Designer. The twitter world was flooded with anger, hatred, disappointment, and of course, funny memes. Here are some of the things they compared with MJ Lastimosa's gown:
Stella Araneta defended herself against bashers during her short interview. Here's Stella Araneta's side of the story:
After MJ's defeat, people came up with an array of possible reasons why she didn't make it to the top 5. People started playing the blame game. And yes, even the controversial gowns were blamed for her loss.
Unfortunately, we cannot undo the unfavorable event, but, what if MJ wore one of these gowns? would it make a difference?
Rajo Laurel
Joey Samson

Michael Cinco

Cary Santiago

Veluz Reyes

MJ Lastimosa's evening gown was also compared to a cheap wedding gown, shuttlecock, etc.
What if Mj Lastimosa wore an evening gown made by a Filipino Designer?
Monique Lhuillier

Veejay Floresca

Francis Libiran

In my opinion, these gowns proved one thing, we have a lot of competent Filipino designers that are fit for the job. They can produce a national costume with an artistic interpretation and an evening gown overflowing with elegance and class.
Btw, here's a photo of Alfredo Barraza showing support for Miss Colombia.
Holding something that looks like a Colombian Flag
Here's Stella Araneta's Response….
Nah, just kidding! She tripped on her way out the venue.
Let's not blame the gown, or anyone anymore. Let's just hope that this incident will serve as a lesson.
Better luck next year!
Still, we love you, MJ Lastimosa.
 Disclaimer: We don't own the © of all the photos posted on this article.

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