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Mooon Cafe 2nd Floor Abreeza

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

TRENDING NOW: The Story Behind The Blue and Black or White and Gold Dress

A Tumblr user named Swiked, posted a picture of this dress on Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015, with a question — “Guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can't agree…"
Others see white and gold, while others see blue and black. The debate trended on social media, with outbursts from netizens, opinionated individuals, and of course, funny people with humorous memes.
Even hollywood celebs joined the bandwagon:
Funny memes about this topic are also trending:
And even popular brands are trying to take advantage of the trend:
And adobe says it's blue and black.
And a user named BradTheLadLong tries to explain the "experiment":
People tried digging online shops (A+ for effort!) and here's another angle of the dress:
And Wired, a popular science-based website, says it's blue. Here's the scientific explanation. Read More:
The real owner of the dress says it's blue and black.
Really, what colors do you see? 
Disclaimer: We don't own the copyright of all the photos posted on this article

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