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Friday, February 13, 2015

DOSE OF DELIGHT: Is Heart Evangelista Imitating Marian Rivera - Dantes?

Daily Dose of Delight Entertainment Scoop:
A few years ago, Heart Evangelista and Marian Rivera had a very publicized feud during their taping for Temptation Island.
And because of that very big issue, people started comparing them..
In the first quarter of 2014, they had another big issue.
Heart Evangelista was bashed by so many cybersurfers because
of her Instagram post, which was immediately deleted.
Here are some responses from netizens:
Heart responded by defending herself
and stating that Marian isn't her favorite person.
Netizens also noticed that Heart would upload similar
Instagram contents minutes/hours/days after Marian's posts…
(Based on the timing of the posts)
Cybercitizens even called Heart a "stalker" after she followed
Elie Saab minutes after Marian followed Elie.
During the last quarter of 2014,
another big issue surfaced between them…

"Bride Wars"

The feud started all over again. People started comparing
their bride-like mag covers...
Their rings... 
Their Louboutins...
And netizens noticed that Heart would pattern her
pre-wedding activities with Marian's….

Right after Marian announced that she's going
to invite fans to her wedding,
Heart tweeted that she's going to invite fans as well.
Marian's wedding is over….

But the fire is still very hot.

Active social media users noticed that they also have
a similar giveaway concept - candle.
We all know that Marian surprised Dingdong Dantes
with a rolex watch worth 1.7 million....

And just recently, Heart was allegedly seen at a Rolex Store,
which added fuel to the fire...
When will this issue ever end?

Do you really think that Heart Evangelista
is imitating Marian Rivera-Dantes?

What's your opinion?
 Disclaimer: We don't own the Copyright of all the photos posted on this article.


  1. Maganda ka nman heart hwag kang gumya s kaaway kc ang ibg sabhin nyan ay inggit ka sa kanya ,am in no nlang mas mganda c Marian sau kya k ngkaganyan.

  2. I like both of them before naka add sila pareho sa ig ko. I thought maka animals so heart tag ko sya sa mga stray animals na kailangan ng tulong. Laking gulat ko ng i block ako. That's the time I realise Marian is the good one. Happy and contented people do not look back or even waste time to check their opponent so look who's spendin' time checking others....


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