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Mooon Cafe 2nd Floor Abreeza

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

People We Love: Shaye Filart

We surveyed several guys from a reputable school in the metro, and asked them for a specific girl they want to know better. We got one common name - “Shaye Filart”. Guys seem to admire her natural beauty, appeal, and cool fa├žade.
So we stalked this girl named “Shaye Filart”, and we found out that she is indeed an epitome of natural beauty. And a certified beach bum too! There’s nothing sexier than a chick that live up to "the beach life" we all dream about, right? Shaye Filart is one of those rare gems who spend their free time "bumming it" and being one with nature.
We all know that there are a lot of beach girls with bodies that are top notch, but only a few of them possess a face to match. And Shaye is one of those girls that are hotter than the sun in a sauna, without even trying! She’s just naturally appealing.
She’s also very athletic. Shaye is still still in First Year College, but she is already a volleyball varsity.
Unlike most girls that go the extra mile to achieve lighter skin complexion, this beach girl seems to embrace her “morena” skin. Shaye is not afraid of the sun and she’s often spotted tanning at the beach. Plus, she doesn’t wear make-up! She’s the opposite of most teenagers nowadays.
With the help of a common friend, we were fortunate enough to ask her a few questions. So sit back, relax, and get up-close and personal with one of the hottest chicks in the game.
Name: Shaye Filart
Birthday: June 12, 1997
Describe yourself in 3 words: beachbum, adventurous, aesthete
Hobbies: going to the beach, playing volleyball, going out
What's your type of guy? Athletic, tall and smart
What are your interests? I like spending time with my friends. I enjoy going out and see where the night takes me! Haha
What is your favorite outfit? Hipster outfitsss!
Why do you love the beach so much? Tropical feels, tanned skin and good vibes!
Where’s your favorite spot? Samal island, amazing beaches and very convenient.
What are some of the most important lessons you have learned over the course of your life? We make choices and in the end our choices makes us :)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shaye.filart
Instagram: @shayefilart
Twitter: @shayefilart
Is your Instagram feed a little boring? Lacking beach waves or scenic view? You might want to check her account. Her Instagram is one of those accounts that make professional photographers obsolete.
She has a sharp eye for detail and her creativity is admirable. Though watch out, her beach adventures might leave couch potatoes a little envious…

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