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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Where to Eat: The "Busog sa P100" Challenge

There are a lot of newly opened food places in the metro. However, most people are hesitant to try them. Some are not willing to spend, some are on a tight budget, and some think that fancy-looking establishments sell expensive food.
The owner of Davao and beyond challenged me to find the latest diners with food that will satisfy my appetite. But here’s the twist, I need to find meals under P100.
The criteria:
  1. Should be P100 and under
  2. The meal should make me feel “BUSOG”
  3. Carinderias, food stalls, and kilid-kilid are not included
  4. I’m talking about restaurant quality meals – yummy!
  5. I’m looking for fresh and newly opened businesses
First stop, Caitlyn’s Dimsum and Specialty House.
This “It place” is very easy on the pocket and their serving is quite huge! Your P100 will go a long way. I highly recommend their dim sum. Trust me! You won't taste yucky extenders unlike other popular chinese restaurants that are stuffing more extenders than meats. lol
Read More: Click Here
Time to go hunt down some Middle-Eastern treats. Try Sheikh Shack Shawarma.
Everything in their menu is under P100! You have four main meats to choose from. Enjoy them with rice, fries, or wraps!
Read More: Click Here
Ready for something fancy? Yes, enjoy a fancy meal for less than P100. Where? Only at Chippens Café!
Read More: Click Here
Are you a pasta lover? Try Taste of Home! They have pasta dishes for less than P100!
Already in the height of excitement? Are you willing to heighten your blood pressure?
If yes, you might want to try Azon’s Famous Boneless Lechon for only P95, and that already comes with unlimited rice. They also have other combo meals for less than P100.
Read More: Click Here
If you already tried Azon’s, you have another option - Siggy’s! Their Sigchon (Sisig Lechon Liempo) is worth every fat, oil, and increase in blood pressure. The sakto meal is just P69. They also have other liempo meals available for less than P100.
Read More: Click Here
You can also go for Espetada - House of the Hanging Chicken. Their famous hanging chicken, which was featured by Jessica Soho, is available for only P100!
Savor grilled chicken, pork bbq, and liempo at Nonong's Grill. Get a large meal for only P99. You have six tasty sauces to choose from - Teriyaki, Hickory, Honey Mustard, Sweet Chili, Korean and Toyomansi.
Read More: Click Here
I can’t help but CHEAT. lol!
Adding P10 - P50 for something taste-worthy won’t hurt, right?
P100 + P45 and viola! You can enjoy super yummy grilled ribs at Nonong’s Grill. It’s their best seller and it's really good! Their honey roast pork is also available for P145. I love that sweet stuff too.
Chippen’s Café sells their house specialties for only P150. If you are willing to add P50 for a luxe meal, go for beef bourguignon!
Burger Chef’s regular gourmet burger is also a steal at P145.
Read More: Click Here
You can also grab affordable rice meals at Wild Garlic for less than P150.
Read More: Click Here
Have you heard of Kamo or Kushiya in Damosa? They’re situated next to each other. They’re both located in front of the former Sea Urchin Building. Just a few meters away from Nikkei Jin Kai. Both establsihments serve tasty Japanese dishes for less than P150.
Drop by Tacobana too (Formerly known as Crazy Cravings Bistro). P100 + P10 and enjoy their Mexican rice meals with different variations - Chili Con Carne w/ egg, Gyoza Supreme, or Chicken Rolls.
So, are you ready to try the P100 busog challenge?
Yes, this is one of the few challenges that will allow you to cheat a bit!
Do you know other food places that fit the criteria? Let us know!
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Nonong's Ribs. Yum!

  2. I've tried Nonong's Grill, Tacobana, Taste of Home. Sulit at masarap. ulalam!

    1. Haven't tried Taste of home. I feel curious. Nonong's ribs and tacobana's quesadilla are on top of my list. Both are super yum yum :)

  3. Replies
    1. Can you recommend meals around P100?

    2. Bhajia has budget meals from 69-85 pesos:)

  4. More articles like this please

  5. wanna share this to my social media feed.. how to?

    1. You can copy the link above and paste it on your social media site :) thank you so much for sharing :)

  6. Rice toppings at Tapsi Boy starting at P 50

  7. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maiangs-Native-Chicken-Barbecue/598512490243605?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

    Check out Maiang's native chicken bbq located along Mamay Road fronting Sumo Asia Hotels. Prices range from 20-140pesos only. Saraaap! Sulit!

  8. Deck 8 Bar and grill - ulltra rich caramelized adobo P 59 double rice soup and drinks
    2pc haiku chops (breaded porkchop) 75 double rice and soup and drinks
    Picante sisig Ilocano double rice drinks and soup @ 69

  9. green buffet near People's Park....148 eat all you can...masarap lahat, maraming putahe plus desserts....super super sulit at busog to the max;D

  10. Try Minkah's Kitchen at maa road,beside S&R entrance.they serve affordable organic meals.

  11. Try to check Fat Cating's at Circumferential Road, near RPN 9. :)


  13. My ultimate fave Espetada! Sumptuous and super worth it!


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