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Sunday, March 8, 2015

DOSE OF DELIGHT: Ellen Adarna is Dating Her Best Friend's Ex, and Her Best Friend is Fine with It

Ellen Adarna and Gwen Zamora
Dose of Delight Entertainment Scoop:
Gwen Zamora, a Filipina-Italian GMA talent, is also known as one of Ellen Adarna's best friends in the industry.
They travel together…
They Hang-out…They get drunk together…They often do twofies…They do silly stuff together…They share laid-back moments… They even kissed…And today, netizens think that they are allegedly sharing the same man…
Gwen's last Instagram post with her ex was when they visited Bacolod with his family during the Papal visit last January. Yes, just last January 2015, and yes, you can see that they are in a serious relationship.

However, just this March 2015, Ellen Adarna posted photos with Gwen Zamora's ex, which was immediately deleted.
And cyber citizens noticed that Gwen Zamora allegedly unfollowed Ellen Adarna on Instagram.
Nonetheless, the hot and sexy Ellen still posted this group photo with Gwen's Ex. 
Gwen Zamora plus Ellen Adarna? One lucky guy!
Are they really dating? Is this another "na-Kim Chiu ka" moment?
Is it okay to date your best friend's ex? What's your opinion?

UPDATE: It looks like Ellen Adarna and Gwen Zamora patched things up. Gwen still loves Ellen.
And Gwen Zamora is fine with the idea that her best friend is now with her ex-boyfriend.
Disclaimer: We don't own the copyright of all the photos posted on this article


  1. Ellen has everything… except for class

  2. Have some decency, Ellen

  3. One lucky guy indeed


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