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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pacific Heights Samal

Beaches serve as a breath of fresh air from the hectic city life. Fortunately, beautiful beaches are just a few minutes away. We have an array of Samal beaches available – from pristine and calm beaches to entertaining and adventurous establishments. There are a lot of beaches worth visiting.
Most of us plan a perfect getaway depending on our preference, budget, purpose, etc. A few weeks ago, we were looking for a place that’s affordable, yet private. Most inexpensive Samal Beach Resorts are crowded and overrated. Most affordable establishments don’t offer much and some are not even well maintained.
If you want a place that offers value for money, here is one reasonably priced resort that you might want to consider. Have you heard of Pacific Heights? It is the newest go-to Samal Beach resort. We became very curious and opted to spend a day at this popular place.
We used a private car and traveled from Sasa Warf to Camudmud. Just follow the signs that will lead you to the Monfort Bat Cave. You will see Pacific Heights Samal along the highway.
Nestled in the heart of Camudmud, Pacific Heights Samal is actually a high-end subdivision in the making. There are already a few posh houses being built. They also have a private beach, which was initially available for homeowners. Fortunately, the beachfront was recently opened to the public.
The entrance fee is just 100 php, which is worth every penny. It’s like enjoying a private resort without shelling out tons of cash. The resort is equipped with modern amenities and water sports activities. Day tour accommodations include 300 php nipa cottages along the sand and shallow waters. They also have open and enclosed wooden villas for day and overnight accommodation. The villas are huge and spacious.
The area is only the Phase 1 of Pacific Heights Samal. They are currently working on Phase 2, which includes Villas at the beach itself, Floating Pool, and Infinity Pool. Can't wait!
The place itself is clean and well maintained. The best thing about this resort is their high-end water sports amenities, offered at a very low price. This is the perfect place to seek for adventure without having to spend a lot. For instance, you can enjoy Kayaking for only P150 per hour.
Surrounded by luscious greens, bestowed with pure white sand, and bequeathed with crystal blue waters, Pacific Heights is blessed with a picturesque coastline. No wonder it instantly became an “it” place. Plus, Pacific Heights Samal is easy on the pocket.
If you are looking for a low cost romantic getaway, or a place to relish a family oriented fun, or just soak underneath the warmth of the sun, you might want to consider Pacific Heights in Samal Island. 
Contact Details:
Address: Brgy. Camudmud, Samal Island, Samal, Davao City
Contact Numbers: (082) 284 64 91 / 0905 180 95 08

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