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Sunday, April 12, 2015

They are Hotter Than Your Girlfriend, and They Weren't Born Girls! Davao's Prettiest Tranis

Yes, they are hotter than your girlfriend,
and yes, they weren't born girls…….
But look at them now.
Some get inspired, some feel insecure.
They are prettier than most girls out there, and they are so good looking they can give legit girls a run for their money.
However, that's not the aim of this blog. We just want to get your attention with the help of these beautiful ladies.
Our actual goal is to inspire oppressed and besmirched transgenders to be confident, fab, and true to oneself.
The LGBT community is becoming mainstream. Thus, we want to educate the readers and enlighten the fickle minded.
Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, these babies excel in different fields such as beauty and wellness, fashion, business, activism, pageants, health, education, etc - BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE!
These darlings are very brave, especially those that are open to the public eye.

(This is an incomplete list. Know someone who will allow us to place them here? Contact Us!)
These hotties are certified BISAYA BEAUTIES.
JM Ferrer

Age: 26

Facebook: JM Ferrer (Click Here)

Instagram: JMGorge507

Hobbies: Shopping, Watching Movies, Watching American TV Series, Eating

Why she loves being gay/trans: “I love being gay. Although discrimination is tough to deal with, I love who I am. I do enjoy, being gay because of the fact that you don't have to worry about the risk of pregnancy. LoL. But seriously, being gay is fab, fun, and I enjoy life. Being gay is the one thing that makes me happy in life, In all honesty without this personality I don’t know if I could make It ! Proud to be me. Me being gay.xoxo”
This chinky-eyed beauty is certified sexy. It's hard for social media to ignore her beauty. Despite her soft facial features, she can pull off super fierce célfies. This baby faced doll is also an expert in doing cute Japanese poses. Moreover, she knows how to pull off a killer style. We love her fashion sense, her short bob, and her gold-colored hair. She has the ability to effortlessly make her ensemble look put-together. She's fashionable and fab!
Her photos are good enough to keep people intrigued with her identity. You won't believe that she was born the other way around. JM is one of those who savored the Internet's ability to turn someone into a star. She gained a lot of admirers just being her bubbly self, documenting it, and posting it on social media.
She's also a proud transgender and she supports the LGBT community. We are impressed with her honestly in openly putting her story out. She's proud of her past and humble beginnings as John Maykle. She's not afraid to show the world who she really is. She's bold, she's beautiful, she's brave!

Anne Villaceran Borras
Age: 29

Facebook: Anne Borras (Click Here)

Hobbies: Singing, Swimming, and Watching TV

Why she loves being gay: "I love being gay cause I can express my feeling of what I am..and being gay I know its not easy but I know I can be one of the best transgender or gay there that can inspire everybody by doing such things na nakakabuti for us to gain respect from others."
HOT - This is the perfect description that fits this beauty queen. This foxy femme is a beauty pageant enthusiast and a wedding singer rolled into one. This talented beauty is not only gifted with an amazing body, she's also an active gay rights activist.
After establishing a name in her chosen career, she's now an active participant of her community's gay rights group. She's greatly involved in these activities as well as other LGBT parties.
She has that je ne sais quoi sexy body that comes with a kind-hearted personality. No wonder her foreign fiancé is head over heels in love with her!

Dee Garcia
Age: 22

Facebook: Dee Garcia (Click Here)

Hobbies: cooking, singing, sewing/dress making/fashion designing, doing make up and hairstyling, travelling, watching movies,swimming, modeling 

Why she loves being gay/trans: “Having the best of both worlds! I get to have the best aspects of one choice and the best aspects of another choice when you have been asked to select between two choices. Being gay or the right term for this is Transgender, I get to choose what my heart and mind desires, and I live with these choices with a happy heart and mind.”
When talking about pretty transgenders strutting the roads of Davao, Dee is on top of our list. Her illuminating presence stands out everywhere she goes. This eye-candy has an angelic face that will immediately make you recognize her once you see her. She has a face that you'll remember.
Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, Dee is busy with her make up business. Her forte includes hairstyling and bridal make-up. She’s also a certified dog lover. She considers her dogs Lorax and Kimmy as her angels. This outgoing chic is also a member of the famous Team Monster. Check out their Facebook page: "We Are Team Monster"
We’re so proud of this living doll's accomplishment. Trani students in her school are very fortunate to have a gay right advocate like her. Trying to do something for gay rights is already enough, and being able succeed is beyond compare. Here’s her story:
“I’m proud of one thing I did in the past which involves the LGBT community particularly the Gays and Transgender Women. This was way back in my college days wherein I was the instrument of the lgbt community to gain freedom in expressing ourselves when we enter our school campus. Im a Fashion Design student in one of the major colleges here in the city. We (gays and transgender women with long hair and feminine physical features) were prohibited to enter the campus looking like women and feminine despite wearing the proper male standard uniform. I have volunteered to stand up and defend my team. I have gone through the POD, Dean, and program chairman of our department seeking for fair treatment among the students. This problem has been given solutions and now I’m proud to know that my fellow (bakla) sisters in my alma mater are enjoying their freedom to express themselves in school as long as they look neat and proper." 
June Belle Micolob

Age: 26
Facebook: June Belle (Click Here)
Instagram: junebellemi
Hobbies: Reading Books, Browsing the Internet, Watch Animès, and Chatting
Why she loves being gay/trans: “I love being gay for the word per se means happy. I may not have struggles with regards to my gender preference, as I have been out since I was young and the people around me, especially my family has accepted me. One thing noticeable about gay people is the ability to make everyone happy, like everyone is bestowed with wit and always been sociable, and its one thing I’m truly sure gayness had brought me. Luckily, I can make everyone laugh, even my aunt requires me during gatherings. Gay people can lighten up your mood and a friend you can count on. An individual who is strong, who stood for what he chose and touched many lives, putting a smile into their faces.”
June Belle was initially hesitant to participate. She doesn't consider herself pretty, hot, and glamorous compared to other girls in this roster. And that's the reason why we picked her. She's simple, effortlessly pretty, and bestowed with an attention grabbing milky white skin.
There are people that were naturally born pretty. And June Belle is one of them. No effort needed. No need to wear make-up, no need to dress up. She can gracefully pull off a jeans-and-shirt ensemble. She's someone that lives up to the "simplicity is beauty" quote.
This snow white princess has helped a lot of people in the field of education. She successfully helped them take international courses overseas - Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and USA. This busy bee is also helping her parents manage their bakery.
She’s also an active supporter of the LGBT community to the extent that she attended an LGBT awareness gathering in Singapore to show her support. Having both beauty and brains is indeed possible!
Louise Gian Espadera

Age: 23
Facebook: Louise Gian Espadera (Click Here)
Instagram: @giaaanlouise
Hobbies: Cooking, Eating, Jogging, Trekking, Swimming, Sleeping
Why she loves being gay/trans: "Being gay is fun and it makes me appreciate life to the fullest."
Louise is an epitome of natural beauty. She can naturally pull-off LEGIT no make-up and "I woke up like this" kind of selfies. Being effortlessly cute is a gift, being beautiful is a blessing, and Gian got the best of both worlds - she's adorably pretty! One lucky girl!
After making a name for herself during her TV stint, this fresh-looking lady is currently busy with their family business. Moreover, she always indulges herself in any physical activities that will keep her happy, active, and fit.
Most people feel jealous of the beauties they see on National TV, but not in Gian’s case. She’s like a breath of fresh air. Being the representative of the gay population, this sweet and charming baby brought pride to the gay community of the entire country. Here’s what she has to say:
“One of my greatest achievements so far was when I joined Masterchef Philippines and reached top 9 out of thousands who auditioned. It wasn't really a gay right activity because it was just a show on national television, but for me, despite of the lights and cameras, I take it as a chance to inspire other gays like me to be proud and believe in what they can really do. I always do believe in the saying ‘‘you will never know unless you try.'' And people like us have potentials like every individual in the society.”
Selwyn Chuckie De Las Alas
Instagram: chuckie28el
Hobbies: Volleyball, Reading Interesting Books, Watching Documentary Films, Cooking and Outdoor Adventure
Why she loves being gay/trans: “Life is all about challenges. If you don’t know how to fight for it then surely you will lose. As a human created in his image and likeness, I believe that every human being are equal, but In this judgmental society, If you don’t know how to fight, you could not have a chance to show who you are.

   In my personal experiences as a normal individual who fight for his own rights despite the character that he posses I am contented now of my achievements. Working freely as a transgendered woman, productive individual and a public servant.

  If I was not that brave enough in facing all the challenges in life I could not become who I am today. Being resilient, optimistic, family oriented and egoistic. This kind of personality is what I love the most being a gay.“

Despite being sporty and being an outdoor adventure aficionado, this chic still maintains a pearly white skin! With her very long and voluminous locks, this mestiza-looking lady is a certified head turner. Having a petite physique and soft facial features, she’s always mistaken as a real girl!

Aside from Selwyn's glowing skin, she also possesses a glowing heart – A quintessence of beauty with a purpose. Her purpose is not just limited to the gay population. It goes out the whole community.
Working as a Social Worker in Davao City’s biggest public medical hospital, she's helping thousands of less fortunate on a daily basis. Dealing with the poorest sector of the society, the illiterate, and the less fortunate, is a tough job, and she's putting a huge part of her life in her beloved vocation.

Here’s what she has to say:
“Today, as empowered individual I would like to share some part of my life in order to inspire people specially the LGBT community. This would also open the minds of people in a wider spectrum who judge gays like me that gays world is not just about the four corner of a beauty parlor but also working and visible in a private and government institution. This would also an eye opener that even in a government institution gays who are transgendered co exist.” 
King Quiamco

Age: 27
Facebook: King Quiamco (Click Here)
Instagram: therealskinnycat
Hobbies: Watching Horror Movies, Going to the Beach, and Playing Online Games especially Dota 2.
Why she loves being gay/trans: “I love being who I am and what I am now because it simply makes me feel free and happy kung baga it's more fun to be gay/trans.”
During our search for the prettiest transgenders in Davao, we got the same name from different people – King Quiamco. She has a solid fan base and she’s one of the most sought after tranis in Davao. Despite her popularity, this sexy lady keeps her feet on the ground. She doesn't consider herself as one of the prettiest tranis in Davao - even if she’s a front-runner!
Aside from being a popular name in the world of tantalizing transgenders, she’s also a social media sweetheart. She's one of those with good-looking photos that always go viral.
Yes, there are a lot of hotties out there, but there are only a few that possess a face to match. And King is one of them. She has a beautiful face that compliments her sexy body. She has a fierce facade without even trying. She's naturally alluring!
Aside from being a busy beauty queen, this lass is also a family oriented individual. She prefers to spend her extra time at home, bonding with her family. She’s a certified home buddy. She spends her weekends watching movies rather than clubbing/partying. She’s also a resilient gay right advocate. Being an icon, she inspires other gays and tranis in becoming true to oneself and being out and open to the public - Truly an embodiment of beauty and pleasing personality!
The gorgeous dolls we featured are just some of the millions of strong and sensible tranis that are willing to fight for their advocacy.
And just like other members of the LGBT community, they aspire for equality.
"Not all women were assigned female at birth….."
Transgenders exist and they deserve RESPECT.

Note:We would like to thank the following:

The jet setter/partyphile, Edad Relos:

The Queen of Team Monster and the number 1
Partyphile in Davao, Hernan Panes:

The sporty and curly, Konrad Agustin:

The Ellen Adarna/Kim Chiu of Davao, Xiu-Xiu Gadiane:
Thank you for making this article achievable.Creating this roster of beautiful hotties won't be possible without their help. Thank you!
Know someone? let us know!
We know that there are a lot of pretty trans in Davao, but we will only feature those that will allow us to.We try to ask for their permission first.
Contact Us:

Facebook: Click Here


  1. Bakit wala si Kevin Balot?

    1. Shungangers! Davao gani. Davao ba si Kevin Balot? Basa basa pag may time!

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  8. Bakit wala si Chichay Cansancio?

    1. This is an incomplete list :) We still have part 2. Do you personally know her? Contact us :) https://www.facebook.com/DavaoAndBeyondDotCom

  9. Teary-eyed while reading this. no joke. I am a closet queen. I wanna be like them, but I just can't. I'm from a conservative/ influential chinese family :( Happy for them! I want to look like a lady but I am stuck in a muscular body :(

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am really saddened to know about your case. I am from a very conservative family too, glad were not influental at all, and were not true blooded chinoy, konti2 Lang... But i hope you will be able to find a way to reach what you truly desire..

    3. Sad :( ako for work purposes din. I had to cut my hair :(

    4. Ako din. I want to cross dress pero the problem is malaki ang built ng body ko. huhuhuh kaya stick sa paMENta look. urgh

    5. marami akong kilalang ganito. yes nalang sa mayet look para sa family/parents pero deep inside gusto nila mag crossdress

    6. same here. bagayan kasi ang babaihan. alam mo yung feeling na kahit gustong gusto mo gani pero di bagay sa itchura, body type, or height mo. wala talaga. swerte ng mga girls ditto. kering keri nila pretty davaoenas!

  10. Beauty with purpose! bravo!

  11. si Sabrina Romero..

    1. This is an incomplete list :) We still have part 2. Do you personally know her? Contact us :) https://www.facebook.com/DavaoAndBeyondDotCom

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  13. These ladies are stunningly gorgeous. :)

    You may want to check Argie Pabroa. She ain't famous nor familiar, she hasn't joined any pageants yet but she is a total package.

    1. This is an incomplete list :) We still have part 2. Do you personally know her? Contact us :) https://www.facebook.com/DavaoAndBeyondDotCom

    2. Yes I know her. She used to be my co-worker.

  14. Kiam Pimentel?i hope she'd be included nxt tym...

    1. This is an incomplete list :) We still have part 2. Do you personally know her? Contact us :) https://www.facebook.com/DavaoAndBeyondDotCom

  15. Mas gwapa pa sila sa mga babae na parat na ug batasan parat pa ug nawung,,,,,

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    1. This is an "incomplete list." Please read the upper part of the article. If you know someone, contact us.

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  19. Ganda nito. ganda nila lahat. Bet ko ang beauty nilang lahat!

  20. I'm also a transpinay. hindi nga lang kasing pretty nila hehehehehe I feel happy because this blog emphasizes the purpose of transgenders! love love love

  21. headturner micahMay 8, 2015 at 11:38 PM

    Yes indeed they are true lgbtq models..

  22. I was recently on a cruise and there were no good looking women.
    I mean there WERE good looking women until they had a few drinks and their makeup sturted to run and they started acting like drunken imbeciles. There was one trully beautiful woman on the cruise who always carried herself like a lady and dressed beautifully and was just pleasant the whole time even if she was a little mysterious (which just made her hotter) I hooked up with her a couple of nights before the end of the trip and found out the hard way she was transgender. I was a bit shocked but in the end I really liked who she was and she was better presented and put more effort into being feminine than all the other girls on the boat. Turns out we live on different sides of the same city and we have been dating now for the past 3 months since the cruise and none of my friends know or can tell she is trans. She is still deciding wether to have the final operation but either way, we are pretty much in love and I see her only as my girlfriend and nothing different.


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